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16th Nov 2015

French fighter jets launch massive air strike on ISIS strongholds in Syria

20 bombs were dropped during the raid

Conor Heneghan

Officials have described the bombings as a major bombardment.

French fighter jets launched a massive air raid on a huge ISIS stronghold in Syria last night, just two days after the attacks on Paris that the Islamic State subsequently claimed responsibility for.

Videos surfaced on Facebook of the fighter jets taking off bound for Raqqa, a huge ISIS stronghold in Syria.

Raid aérien français sur Raqqah en Syrie :1 centre de commandement et 1 camp d’entraînement de Daech détruits.

Posted by Armée française – opérations militaires OPEX (page officielle) on Sunday, 15 November 2015

A statement from the French defence ministry confirmed that 12 French aircraft took part in a raid that was conducted in co-ordination with US Forces last night, dropping 20 bombs on sites that had been identified during previous reconnaissance missions in the area.

“The first target destroyed was used by Daesh (alternative name for Isis) as a command post, jihadist recruitment centre and arms and munitions depot. The second held a terrorist training camp,” read the statement.

The retaliatory strikes were believed to be discussed by French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drain and US defence secretary Ash Carter during phonecalls on Saturday and Sunday.

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Following the attacks on the French capital on Friday night, President Francois Hollande had made it clear that there would be a response.

“We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless,” said Hollande.

“Because when terrorists are capable of committing such atrocities they must be certain that they are facing a determined France, a united France, a France that is together and does not let itself be moved, even if today we express infinite sorrow.”