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23rd Jul 2018

Primark has just put the most annoying thing about Love Island on a t-shirt

Thanks but no thanks

Anna O'Rourke

We’ll miss G, really

In terms of pure entertainment value, we got more out of Georgia Steele than any other contestant on this year’s series of Love Island.

From earning our sympathy after getting dumped by Josh to accidentally-on-purpose getting Kaz’s name wrong, falling out and then making up with everyone and absolutely wrecking our heads calling herself ‘loyal’, she’s made for some great TV.

Her was time was cut short this week as she and Sam were booted from the show for refusing to recouple with other people.

Now, her favourite word (and probably the most annoying thing about Love Island 2018) has been immortalised on a t-shirt.

Of course.

It’s a little late, considering that she’s already left the villa, but there’ll no doubt be some die-hard Love Island fans who’ll want to pick one up.

Unfortunately it’s only available in the UK right now, which is honestly probably for the best.

Meanwhile, Sam and G have been busy since returning home.

Sam’s already been to meet Georgia’s mum and dad and enjoyed a sleepover at her house with all of her best friends last night.

The pair appeared on Love Island: Aftersun on Sunday.