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03rd Sep 2022

Hairy Bikers’ Dave Myers says he’s lost iconic beard in light-hearted cancer update

Charlie Herbert

Dave Myers says he's lost iconic beard in light-hearted cancer update

‘I just miss having my beard’

Hairy Bikers’ Dave Myers has said that he misses his beard more than his hair following chemotherapy.

The chef, who shot to fame alongside his lifelong friend Si King as the cooking duo the Hairy Bikers, was giving an update on how his treatment was going following his cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

During an episode of their podcast Agony Uncles, Dave said: “It’s the beard I miss, though.”

He then joked that he “was born with that beard,” adding: “I just miss having my beard – the feeling of it, because your skin’s different and all peachy.

“I want my beard back. I’m alright with my hair – I think the bald head and beard’s the way to go for a biker.”

Revealing his cancer diagnosis on the same podcast back in May, Dave said he was announcing the news because he didn’t want to “hide under a rock.”

He described the prognosis as “okay” and insisted he was “going to be fine.”

He added: “I’ve just got to tuck in, look after myself, eat sensibly and get over this mess, flog books, and be a happy person so within that, that’s where I am.

“I may be a baldy biker for a while so it’s just a warning, I don’t want to make a fuss about it, I look alright bald actually.”

Si joked that when they first met in 1995, Dave looked like “an upside down Hells Angel, so I like that look, you look cool.”

The pair released their first cookery show as the now iconic ‘Hairy Bikers’ together in 2004.

And in 2013, Dave competed on Strictly Come Dancing, making it to week seven in the series.

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