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07th May 2024

Cruise ship gives warning to all passengers before arriving in popular city

Charlie Herbert

The cruise operator was praised for the move

Passengers on a cruise ship were all handed a warning letter before the ship docked in a popular tourist destination in Mexico.

The captain of the Carnival Cruises ship penned the letter to those onboard ahead of their arrival in Ensenada.

The letter gave passengers an “important” piece of advice from the cruise operator about the city.

It read: “As you get ready for our visit to Ensenada, we have an important advisory.

“You may encounter restaurants/attractions (not associated with the ship’s shore excursions program) in the port of Ensenada that allow you to touch or otherwise interact with tiger cubs. For public health, safety, and environmental reasons, Carnival recommends that you do not partake in such attractions, including, but not limited to, tiger cub attractions.

“Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Enjoy your day ashore.”

The letter was signed off by the ship’s captain, Eduardo Ferrone.

After it was shared on the u/OMGLMAOWTF_com subreddit, people commented that the tiger cub petting is not just something tourists can do in Ensenada.


One person said it “was the same in Cabo,” explaining that they were told the animals had been “drugged to keep them docile.”

They added: “We never actually saw them but were warned several times. It’s really sad.”

Someone else wrote: “All true. I was in Ensenada for a year and became friends with the barista next to the tiger club place, she gave me the whole rundown.”

Many praised the cruise operator for discouraging tourists from taking part in the activity and encouraging the trade.

One person commented: “This is a huge step in the right direction, I hope that they can also mention dolphins and whales in captivity considering Mexico can be pretty cruel with how they treat their animals. Seeing these beautiful creatures confined for the sake of convenience is heartbreaking.”

A second said: “I really appreciate the sentiment of this, I just wish they also touched on animal welfare being a reason not to participate.”

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