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21st Jul 2016

Watch Boris Johnson get taken down by a pushy American journalist

John Kerry's reaction is priceless.

Kevin Beirne

Things have been a bit…complicated for Boris Johnson lately.

The former London Mayor has been public enemy number one for those who voted for Britain to remain in the European Union, and has seen his political prospects take a sudden nosedive despite being on the winning side of June’s referendum.

Johnson was widely tipped be the next Prime Minister after David Cameron announced plans to step down following the result of the referendum, but he was forced out of the race to be the new Conservative leader by fellow Brexiter Michael Gove, who was soon eliminated from the running himself.

Despite the apparent animosity between himself and newly minted PM Theresa May, Johnson was handed a rather important role in May’s cabinet as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Many were shocked to see Johnson handed such an important role, especially considering his track record of pissing off important foreign leaders in the past.

And Johnson’s previous “experience” came back to bite him firmly on the ass during his first meeting with United States Secretary of State John Kerry, when a determined American journalist took him to task for his comments about US President Barack Obama and Obama’s potential successor Hillary Clinton.

As the journalist begins his line of questioning, Johnson attempts to brush it off by commenting “Not this one again” while smiling for the crowd. But the journalist does not give up, continuing to accuse the Tory MP of “wild exaggerations and quite frankly outright lies” before listing off some of the things Johnson has written about important American officials.

Kerry, meanwhile, looks as if he’s about to burst out laughing before remembering where he is.