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29th Jun 2023

The pub with the best pint of Guinness outside of Ireland has been named


It has been described as the ‘perfect pint’

A Manchester pub has been labelled the best place outside of Ireland to grab a pint of Guinness. 

Mulligans Pub, based in the Spinningfields district of Manchester city centre, was handed the title by a person known as the Guinness Guru.

Describing the pints in his pub as “consistently consistent”, Mulligans owner Pádraig Brady said that pint enthusiasts from across the UK have travelled to Mulligans to sample his “perfectly poured” stout.

The Dublin-born publican also added that people have travelled from as far as Dublin and London to experience the pints of Guinness on offer in his pub.

When asked by the Manchester Evening News what the secret behind pouring the perfect pint of the black stuff was, Brady said that it was not down to just one factor;

“There’s five or six things you have to do to keep it consistent.

“We are also fortunate to have a great team of staff led by Peter and Matt who are very aware that you can lose your reputation over a bad pint”.

Praising the consistency of the pints on offer in his establishment, the publican added that: “Our pints are good not just 99% of the time, but 101% of the time. And it’s got to be consistent from the keg to the customer”.

Noting the importance of the glass itself in the quality of a pint, Brady stated: “We are not reinventing the wheel. But I do serve the pints in a tulip glass, and I bring them over from Ireland. It’s about a clean glass and clean lines as well.”

Despite the pub being located in the heart of Manchester, there is a striking Irish feel to Mulligans, with the facade of the pub decorated in a fashion not too dissimilar to the famed exterior of The Temple Bar in Dublin.

Moreover, the authenticity of the Guinness drinking experience is added to by the adornment of hanging GAA flags, jerseys and memorabilia throughout the pub.

Offering a final parting thought on the success enjoyed by Mulligans, Brady stated that;

“It’s not rocket science what we’re doing. If you serve great Guinness, have great service and have great music on, it creates a great atmosphere!”

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