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09th May 2024

Sacre Bleu! French fries now more popular than British chunky chips

Jack Peat

Treason of the highest order.

Fans of the chunky chip have been left feeling très désolé after new research revealed the British classic has been dethroned by a skinny rival from across the Channel courtesy of American burger chains and high street bistros.

According to new research, a remarkable 62 per cent of people in Blighty prefer French fries to the chunky chip, citing crispier texture (58 per cent) and its ability to withstand sogginess (24 per cent) as the main reason for shunning traditional chips for frites.

Others pointed to the fact that you are able to get more on a plate (18 per cent), which is hard to fault.

And as if the French haven’t inflicted enough pain already, as many as 56 per cent said that, in general, the French have better food than we do in Britain.

Sacre Bleu!

On average, Brits eat chips or fries three times a week, with four in ten (44 per cent) describing themselves as a connoisseur of fried potatoes. Men are more likely to be fanatics (47 per cent) compared to women (41 per cent).

London (67 per cent), Leicester (52 per cent) and Birmingham (51 per cent) are the self-confessed chip / fry connoisseurs of the UK, while those in Norwich (26 per cent), Cambridge (25 per cent) and Plymouth (29 per cent) aren’t as keen on fried spuds.

As the nation’s biggest frites lovers, Londoners can get their hands on a free portion of French fries with Côte’s new secret menu item, Le Curry Sauce, at the restaurant’s pop-up frites stand at St Katharine Docks from midday until 4pm on Friday 17th May. Only a limited number of free portions are available, so make your way over early to avoid disappointment.

Almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of those polled claimed they would have chips with every meal if they could, while more than a third (35 per cent) admit they always order a side of chips when out for a meal.

Over half (53 per cent) of Brits put their sauce on the side of the plate, while one in three (32 per cent) slather it all over the fries.

Steve Allen, Côte Brasserie’s Executive chef, says: “It’s clear that Brits are big fans of chips whatever form they take. The crisp texture of frites pairs perfectly with a flavoursome sauce, which is often the star of the show. I’m not at all surprised about the popularity of curry sauce either.”

If you are open to sharing a portion of fries with friends and family this Spring, Côte’s Frites with Le Curry Sauce secret menu item is available in all 82 of the French bistro’s locations across the UK until the 16th June 2024 – just say ‘Le Curry Sauce’ when ordering. The secret menu is part of Côte’s Spring Specials.

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