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04th May 2024

Greggs axes ‘unreal’ fan-favourite from menu and customers aren’t happy

Charlie Herbert

‘Don’t do this to us!’

Greggs fans are devastated after realising that a much-loved item has been axed from its menu.

There are few more popular high street chains than Greggs. Whether its the classic sausage rolls, the cheese and bean melt, a yum yum or donut, there’s something in there for everyone.

One thing you won’t find in its bakeries anymore though is the vegan steak bake.

Made up of some 96 layers of beautiful puff pastry, filled with Quorn pieces, onions and gravy, the item had previously been labelled as “unreal” by some.

After having first disappeared from shelves in 2021, Greggs announced the bake was returning at the start of this year.

Greggs fans were overjoyed at its return, with one person writing: “Had my first vegan steak bake after their return and omfg it was unreal.”

Another said: “Greggs brought back the vegan steak bake and i cried with happiness.”

But less than four months later, it’s departed again.

In recent days, some had noticed that the pastry had disappeared from stores, prompting worry.

One person commented: ‘Where has the vegan steak bake gone? Don’t do this to us!”

Another asked: “Why has the vegan steak bake disappeared again?”

A third wrote: “I’ve just heard that you’re binning the Vegan Steak Bake again?! Please, don’t do this to us. I love the Vegan Steak Bake. It will be sorely missed.”

And someone else urged the bakery: “Please don’t get rid of the vegan steak bake AGAIN. All the non vegans have loads of options. It’s the only good one.”

Sadly for these vegan steak bake fans, it’s bad news, as Greggs has confirmed the bake is leaving the once more as part of a menu update.

A spokesperson said: “Our vegan Steak Bake will be taking a break from the menu to make way for a tasty vegan favourite, which will be launching next week.”

But Greggs adds that some stores may still have stocks available, adding: “Fans of the Vegan Steak Bake should grab them whilst stocks last!”

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