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03rd Oct 2022

McDonald’s fans ‘can’t sleep at night’ after ‘devastating’ UK menu update

Charlie Herbert

Heartbreak hotel

Fast food giant McDonald’s has made an announcement about its UK menu that has left many in shock.

Fans were sent into a frenzy over the weekend after the fast food chain announced they would be launching adult Happy Meals.

But sadly for Brits, these won’t be coming to the UK, and are limited to US restaurants, leaving many devastated.

Some have joked that they ‘can’t sleep’ because of the realisation that adult Happy Meals will be limited to the States.

And a spokesperson for Maccies told the Manchester Evening News that there are “no plans” for them to be rolled out on this side of the Atlantic.

Reacting to the news, one person labelled it “absolutely devastating,” adding that they “won’t sleep at night knowing I won’t get an adult happy meal.”

Another joked: “This doesn’t make me HAPPY at all.”

And a third said they were “devastated.”

Announcing the news of the adult Happy Meals, McDonald’s confirmed what kind of items adults can expect to find in their boxes.

Customers can choose between a Big Mac or 10 chicken nuggets, which come with fries, a drink and a toy.

Four collectables from streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market will first be included in the Happy Meals.

Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s USA chief marketing and customer experience officer, said: “We’re taking one of the most nostalgic McDonald’s experiences and literally repackaging it in a new way that’s hyper-relevant for our adult fan.

“I can’t wait to give fans a unique piece of art and culture as we dive headfirst into the dynamic world of Cactus Plant Flea Market together next week”.

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