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24th Feb 2023

Swiss socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein releases photo to prove she’s never had plastic surgery

Steve Hopkins

She accused people of doctoring images of her

Jocelyn Wildenstein has posted a throwback photo to “prove” she’s never had plastic surgery. It was of her at 15. She is now 82.

The Swiss socialite, widely-known as Catwoman for her extensive alleged cosmetic procedures, has slammed critics for suggesting she’s gone under the knife, while accusing others of photoshopping her images.

The art dealer shared a picture from her teenage years to her 1.1 million followers on Instagram to support her claim that she’s never had any procedures.  surgery. been under the knife. She captioned the image: “#tbt that’s me #jocelynwildenstein at ballet classes in Switzerland at 15 years old.


“So maybe you should stop speculating on my image! Press stop! Stop please and stop photoshopping my images because you are all [100 percent] wrong.

“Stop posting fake images of me.”

The post has since been edited and the references to images being doctored has been removed.

She added, according to earlier reports: “You will be able to watch the true image of me very soon on screen.”

Jocelyn is set to feature in a documentary about her life.

Commenters didn’t much believe Jocelyn was claiming in her post. One wrote: “If she tell any more fibs, her nose is going to grow VERY long!”

Another said: “You can tell, she just aged gracefully… and I’m the queen of England.”

A third person added: “I’m all for cosmetic surgery but why lie about it?”

In her first interview in more than 20 years, Jocelyn told DailyMailTV that her cat-like eyes and high cheekbones were due to her Swiss heritage.

When asked about her procedures, she said: “No, especially when we look back at my pictures – I think of course I am maybe more beautiful [back then].

“When we are young there’s a certain freshness we lose with the years.

“But you still find the same eyes, same high cheeks, or same nose. I think I was more pretty.”

Jocelyn’s fiance, Lloyd Klein, has said he doesn’t understand the ‘catwoman’ label as his partner has “always looked like that”.

He went on to say he has pictures of her from age 16, where she “looks exactly the same as today”.

In 1998, a so-called friend of Jocelyn’s told Vanity Fair: “I don’t think I’ve known her when she wasn’t healing from something.”

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