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01st Nov 2023

Bride horrified after finding groom being breastfed by his mother on their wedding day

Charlie Herbert

‘Took ‘mummy’s boy’ to a whole new level’

A wedding makeup artist has told a truly horrific tale of the time one of her brides almost called off her wedding – because she discovered her husband-to-be being breastfed by his mother.

In the latest episode of the Unfiltered Bride podcast, host and professional wedding planner Georgie Mitchell explained how she had been told the story by someone she had previously worked with.

Referring to the makeup artist by the fake name ‘Jenny’, Georgie recalled how Jenny had just finished the bride’s face and hair when she said she needed to go to use the bathroom.

Georgie said: “[The bride] walked into the toilet and what she saw is enough to end a wedding.”

Georgie’s co-host Beth – who runs the business Etiquette Events Styling – started trying to guess what the bride had caught her husband-to-be doing.

First, she assumed that the groom was cheating with another woman. Little did she know the truth was arguably worse.

Beth then asked if the groom had been caught doing drugs, to which the answer was again ‘no’.

After insisting it was “much worse” than that, Georgie dropped the bombshell: “He was being breastfed by his mum.”

Beth replied: “Sorry, WHAT? Why would you marry a man [who still breastfeeds]?”

Georgie explained that she didn’t think the bride knew that her partner did this.

Beth then asked why the mum was still “producing milk,” to which Georgie responded: “She’s obviously been doing it continuously to get to that point!”

Apparently, the wedding still went ahead (somehow), but the planner joked: “You definitely wouldn’t kiss the groom!”

A clip of the pair discussing the disturbing tale was uploaded to the podcast’s TikTok account and has been viewed more than 730,000 times.

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One horrified follower commented: “Took ‘mummy’s boy’ to a whole new level.”

Another added: “The strongest man couldn’t lift my jaw right now!”

A third said: “Omg I didn’t know what to expect but that was not even a fleeting thought!!”

And a fourth stunned viewer chimed in: “The way I was like ‘nothing could worse than him cheating…’ – yup that’s worse. I’d be a runaway bride so damn fast.”

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