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29th Feb 2016

PIC: Chunk from The Goonies has had a very unlikely career change

Tom Victor

Before you start reading this, we want to make sure you’ve seen The Goonies.

If you’re familiar with the Steven Spielberg-penned and Richard Donner-directed classic, good. If not, watch it immediately, and then continue reading.

Welcome back, Goonies newbies. It was great, wasn’t it?

Now that you’ve refreshed your memory, you’re probably just recalling the brilliance of Chunk, unsung hero of the film and originator of the Truffle Shuffle.

You’re probably wondering what happened to Jeff B. Cohen, the actor who put in that meticulous performance which was somehow overlooked by the Academy.

If he’s anything like his co-stars Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and Corey Feldman, he’s probably still acting.

Maybe he’s turned his hand to writing or directing, staying within the movie business in a more low-key manner.

Nope, not even close.

Cohen is a founding partner of law firm Cohen & Gardner LLP, which specialises in entertainment law.

And he looks very different too.

The one, the only, @theresacaputo! ?

A photo posted by Jeff B. Cohen (@jeff_b_cohen) on

Cohen acknowledges his unconventional past on his firm’s official site, with his bio including the following lines:

‘Jeff has a unique background growing up as a child actor in the entertainment industry. His most notable role was playing ‘Chunk’ in the cult Richard Donner/Steven Spielberg film The Goonies.

‘He asks that you don’t hold that against him.’

How could anyone stay mad at this guy?


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