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09th Sep 2022

James Corden viewed Queen as ‘immortal’ as he pays tribute to late monarch

Tobi Akingbade

‘It didn’t matter who you were, she was there for you.’

James Corden has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after her passing at aged 96, on Thursday

The British host described her as a ‘guiding light’ who was ‘universally adored’ as the world pays their respects.

The Late Late Show host  expressed his gratitude for ‘the most incredible service and leadership that she has shown during all of our lifetimes’.

In a three-minute monologue at the start of his show aired in America, the actor said: “She is the only queen most of us have ever known. We viewed her as immortal and an essential part of the fabric of our world.”

He added: “She represented good in this world, living a life of honour, a life dedicated to service, dedicated to bettering the life of others. And it’s always felt as if she was there for all of us, for 70 years she never wavered. She was never political.

“It was never for her about her own PR, and maybe that’s why she was as beloved and respected by a president as she was by the guy who lives down the street, and she would treat both of them equally too.

“It didn’t matter who you were, she was there for you.”

The star , who rose to fame on Gavin & Stacey in the UK before moving to the US to front the late night talk show in 2015, added that “in a world of uncertainty… and instability”, the Queen was “always the Queen” and “a guiding light”

“She was always gracious, always dignified, always a shining example of leadership. She represented stability in a world where so often it feels like the floor is shaking,” he said. ‘Queen Elizabeth was unique. A life’s work never to be repeated.”

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