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19th Jul 2023

Incredible AI photos show what South Park characters would look like in real life

Joseph Loftus

“They killed Kenny.”

Some people say we ought to stop AI before things get too scary. I say it’s already too late. I say the time is now. I say it’s already over.

‘Why’s that?’, I hear you bellow from your fields of ignorant bliss. Well just look what they’ve done to South Park. Just look at it. And then question, what could, or what would, they do to us?

While South Park has been on the air for absolutely ages, 25 years to be exact, there’s never been a live-action remake of the hit animated classic. Why? Because it would be truly and horrifically terrifying.

Now, ‘thanks’ to the power of AI, we no longer have to ponder how Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny would look if they were real people as we’ve got the photographs. We’ve got the evidence.

The Instagram account ManMeetsMachine is the page behind the terrifying snaps, and shared the series of pictures showing Eric, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Chef, Mr Garrison, Randy, Butters and Wendy as human characters.

But that wasn’t all as ManMeetsMachine also very funnily even added Kanye West to the crew, referencing his infamous ‘Fish Sticks’ episode.

People were well and truly blown away by the AI generated images with one fan writing: “I guess I never pictured Mr. Garrison as a real person, but that’s absolutely what he’d look like.”

Another added: “Holy f**k these are perfect.”

You can take a look at all of the photos on the ManMeetsMachine Instagram account here. Touche sir, touche.