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15th Apr 2015

British band The Rifles retract ‘support’ for UKIP

"You know, I'd never actually listened to them before."


Everyone who spent their summers listening to British guitar music in the mid-2000s will remember The Rifles.

Either that, or they’d at least recognise the name and pretend to remember one of their songs before changing the topic of conversation.

When they’re not being mistaken for The Holloways, or The Rakes, or The Enemy, or The Ordinary Boys, the Essex band have taken to sharing their political views on Twitter (or not, as the case may be).

While their music might not be as culturally relevant as it once was, they’ve at least kept with the times when it comes to social media excuses. The initial tweet claiming it, “seems like UKIP are the only ones with the balls to make a change” was hastily deleted and replaced with a claim that, “someone thinks their [sic] quite funny and hacked our twitter account.”

On the plus side, it means people are talking about The Rifles again. Could this bring about a re-release for their hit single *checks Wikipedia* Local Boy? We’ll let you be the judge.

We’re left wondering whether this is just the start of long-forgotten British bands propelling themselves back into the spotlight. What next? The Dykeenies launching their own political party to run against Nicola Sturgeon? Boy Kill Boy suggesting that maybe Katie Hopkins has a point? The possibilities are endless.

It’s beyond us too, lads.


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