UKIP's Mayor of London candidate is a man called Dr Peter Gammons 1 year ago

UKIP's Mayor of London candidate is a man called Dr Peter Gammons

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UKIP have announced their candidate for Mayor of London: Dr Peter Gammons.


According to his website, Dr Gammons is "one of the world’s most famous and in-demand Inspirational and Motivational speakers," and claims that it is "historically documented that he has spoken to larger crowds that (sic) any other person in history, with crowds of up to 4 million people in a single rally."

It was reported back in October that Dr Gammons was UKIP's frontrunner to challenge Labour's Sadiq Khan for the mayoral race in 2021, and a tweet from UKIP confirmed that today.


In a video posted to UKIP's Facebook account, under the slogan 'Vote Gammons for London Mayor', Dr Gammons shared some of his plans to make London "a better and safer place for all Londoners and future generations."

"As an author, innovator, bridge-builder and frequent advisor to prime ministers, presidents and world leaders, I've successfully helped to resolve national crises around the world," Dr Gammons said.

But his great passion, Dr Gammons said, is for the city of London, criticising the previous Labour and Conservative administrations: "Something has to change, and voting for the same old politicians isn't gonna bring about change."


Dr Gammons, whose qualifications include BA, MA and DMin (Doctor of Ministry) degrees from Presbyterian Faith Theological Seminary, and a PhD from Canon University, Florida, highlighted issues including knife crime, lack of affordable housing, businesses going bankrupt, closed roads and congestion, and 'unused' bicycle lanes.

He also said that he would oppose lockdown, stop the "war on motorists", and shared a strategy to help tackle global warming that would see children from across Britain come to London to plant trees, so that "London is in their heart".

The London mayoral election was due to take place this year, but has been postposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will instead take place on 6 May 2021.