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09th Apr 2017

Angry viewers think Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway competition was ‘fixed’ as contestant wins prize after wrong answer

Can't people just be happy for the bloke?


Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is done and dusted for another series, but it’s not without a bit of controversy during its finale.

The final show of the series, which came live from Disney World in Florida, saw 49-year-old window cleaner Neil Scott appear on the Win the Ads contest.

However, viewers were disappointed when Neil appeared to be allowed to change a wrong answer in order to win the star prize, which included a new £20,000 car, a home makeover and a luxury holiday to Mexico.

For his final question, he was asked in which hand the Statue of Liberty held her torch. After a slight hesitation, Neil said: “I’m going to say left, I haven’t got a clue.”

His answer was followed by audible groans from the live audience, but when Ant asked him for clarification as to what he’d said, he changed his answer.

“Right. I’m going to say right.” Dec then shouted: “That’s the right answer!”

Ant then added: “I’m not finishing the series on a loser, believe me.”

Instead of being happy for Neil, some viewers were left disappointed, pointing out that the show’s hosts hadn’t been so lenient with previous contestants to have appeared on Win the Ads.