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15th Apr 2016

A prequel to ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ is on the way

Still waiting for an invite to a candlelight supper

Rebecca Keane

The BBC 1990’s sitcom Keeping Up Appearances was all about the day-to-day trivialities of Hyacinth Bucket, a middle-class lady constantly trying to better herself and her long-suffering husband, Richard.

It was funny in a harmless kind of way (don’t pretend you didn’t watch it).

Well, there’s good news for fans (open and secret) of the show.


A prequel to the comedy, Young Hyacinth, is set to appear on BBC One this summer, with Kerry Howard, sister to comedian Russell Howard, confirmed to play the starring role.

Set in the 1950s, it will show a younger Hyacinth desperately trying to get a step on the social ladder.

The original writer of Keeping Up Appearances, Roy Clarke, who has written the script, told the BBC:

“Often, even during the elder Hyacinth’s reign, I would wonder what this formidable mature lady would have been like as a young woman. Would the Hyacinth powers already be there? Well, to my delight, I’ve been given the chance to find out. I’ve been allowed to wander into her background and investigate, almost a piece of archaeology really, until there she was – Young Hyacinth in early blossom. I hope those who knew her in her prime will find as much pleasure in this re-creation of her as I have.”


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