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06th Feb 2017

7 times The Chuckle Brothers accurately predicted the future


Ciara Knight

To me, to you.

While The Simpsons is often credited with supposedly predicting the future, people rarely acknowledge the countless times that ChuckleVision has nailed future events, years before they’ve even happened.

Well no longer shall this continue. We’ve set aside a large portion of our day to watch old episodes of ChuckleVision so that we can provide concrete evidence that Barry and Paul were subtly providing us with an accurate vision of the future.

Who can forget the time Barry and Paul stumbled across the Premier League Winners’ trophy seven years before it even took place


Or the time the Chuckle Brothers were having a leisurely stroll and stumbled across a tribute to Michael Jackson’s death two years before it happened


Try explaining how the lads predicted the baked Alaska sabotage between Iain and Diana on the Great British Bake Off  five years before they even set foot in that tent


Nobody can deny that they predicted the Balloon Boy scandal of ’09 several years before those sick parents pretended their son had floated away


True to form, they hit the nail on the head with their Sotheby’s £8.4m counterfeit painting scandal last year


These undeniably gifted clairvoyants even managed to predict the bomb defusing scene in Lethal Weapon 3 before the film was even a glint in the screenwriter’s eye


Finally, who can forget the time Barry and Paul predicted the sinking of the Titanic an impressive 90 years after it happened?



Images via CBBC