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04th Aug 2015

This handy life hack will help make your iPhone charger last longer


Somebody needs to have a strong word with Apple about the durability of their chargers, more specifically the cable on their iPhone chargers.

But until that happens, we’re stuck with these dodgy old ones, or at least we were before we discovered this life hack.

We’ve all seen this happen…


Here’s a quick and simple way to make sure that your cable lasts as long as you need it…

  • Heat-shrink tubing with a diameter of 6 to 6.4mm (you can pick this up in most hardware shops or else you can order it cheaply online).
  • A knife to cut the tubing.
  • A source of heat to heat the tubing.

First you cut off about 5cm of the tubing and slip it over the end of your charger.

Then gently apply heat to make the tubing to make it shrink around your charger, reinforcing the cable and the connection with the lightning head (be careful with the heat, you don’t want to burn your cable!).

Your end product should look something like this…


Not bad, huh?

H/T ZD Net