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15th Aug 2015

How you can check all the people who ignored your Facebook friend requests

Ben Kenyon

We’d like to assume that everyone knows by now that a Facebook friendship is often far less important than a real friendship.

Seriously, ask yourself this: In the last five or 10 years have you really spoken to everyone that was in your school politics class or are you still in touch with somebody you met for one night on a foreign holiday a few summers ago?

We didn’t think so.

However, some people will still be offended by the rejection of a friend request on Facebook. Well now those people can see exactly who’s been ignoring them, and it’s pretty simple.

Go to the friends tab on your Facebook profile page and click on friend requests…



Under the line, respond to your friend requests, there will be a link in which you can view your sent requests.

It is there you can see all of the people who, it seems, just don’t want to know you, or just don’t want to know you on Facebook at least.


Unless it’s a close friend or someone you know very well, we wouldn’t get too hung up on it either way.

That said, if you went to the trouble of checking it in the first place, you’re probably in a whole world of hurt right now.


H/T Buzzfeed