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20th Dec 2016

This supercut of Claude from Arsenal Fan TV is everything we’ve ever wanted

Forget the Danny Dyer videos, this is the real deal.

Tom Victor

Remember those Danny Dyer supercuts? Remember how they were the one crumb of comfort we’ve been able to take from 2016? Well let us stop you right there.

Wil Jones, the man responsible for condensing Dyer’s appearances on Football Factories, Football Foul-Ups and Who Do You Think You Are? into bitesize chunks, has repeated the trick for another of the country’s most celebrated football fans.

That’s right – it’s Claude from Arsenal Fan TV.

One of the staples of the fan channel, Claude is perhaps more self-aware than some fans and has shown this season that he is prepared to eat his words.

In the following 83 seconds, we’re treated to more F-bombs than we can count, and enough calls for Arsene Wenger to leave his post that it’s a wonder he hasn’t gone already.

And then you have the arguments. Oh the arguments.

Claude might be the star, but this is worth watching a second time just to see the reactions of his fellow Arsenal Fan TV stalwarts – especially interviewer Robbie.

If you’re a fan of the Claude supercut or the Danny Dyer ones that preceded it, you can find all of Wil Jones’ compilations in one place here.