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13th Sep 2022

Leaked images of England’s World Cup kits released prove it’s coming home

Callum Boyle

We’re not getting ahead of ourselves, but England are winning it

World Cup season is edging ever closer and that means new kits are on the horizon.

Countries want to look their best ahead of the biggest footballing tournament in the hope that they will be the lucky ones to take home the coveted trophy.

England are no exception and it appears that manufactures Nike have done it again with both the home and away kit in preparation for the big stage in Qatar.

The home shirt combines the traditional white with a lovely sky blue and navy look which captures memories from the late 1990s. Ah, those we’re the days.

As seen by the pictures below, the gradient of dark blue to light blue with the same colours featuring on the cuffs, which are split in the centre.

Its design also seemingly follows the similar template used by clubs wearing Nike kits during the 2022-2023 season.

The real winner is the away kit though. Feast your eyes upon it below:

Beautiful, isn’t it?

People will be pleased to see that the Three Lions will be donning a red shirt –  the colour that is most commonly associated with England away kits – for the first time since the 2018 World Cup.

An obvious standout on the shirt is once again the collar. A nice navy blue colour and trim on the bottom of the shirt gives it a real slick and professional look. Meanwhile, the design itself seems like a nod to the away shirt worn in the early 2000s.

We’re not getting ahead just yet, but these kits prove that Gareth Southgate’s side are going all the way and winning the whole thing this winter.

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