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30th Mar 2015

Hong Kong Sevens: Is the South Stand the wildest place on Earth?

*Adds HK7s to bucket list*


If you like drinking, rugby union and fancy dress, we think this could be the party for you…

Almost 120,000 heavy drinkers and rugby enthusiasts pack the stands at the annual Hong Kong Rugby Sevens – a three day tournament that forms the backbone of social life in the former British colony.

Whilst international rugby is played out before them, those lucky enough – or brave enough – to be in the South Stand drink and party to within an inch of their lives.

Recently-retired Ireland and British Lions legend Brian O’Driscoll got in on the action this year, crowd-surfing his way across the mayhem.


There’s always one, isn’t there? The one foolhardy rascal who forgets that Rule One, on page one, of the Rules of Drinking is: DO NOT FALL ALSEEP ON THE P*SS.

World leaders have been known to grace the South Stand for a slice of the action. Everyone’s favourite tyrant, Kim Jong-un, joined in the party and refreshed himself with a well-executed long arm beer.


Oh, and Fiji won the tournament, beating New Zealand 33-19 in the final. But we can’t help thinking the rugby is only an excuse for a massive outside fancy dress party. 

We’ll see you next year, Honkers!