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30th Mar 2018

Manchester United fans claim they didn’t want Jorginho anyway after he makes clear he prefers Liverpool

Sour grapes?


Sour grapes?

Let’s be clear about something – Jorginho is a class act. The Napoli midfielder is a Rolls Royce of a player, able to control the game from the heart of midfield and pull the strings from a deep role. His skill and technique set him apart from most players in the same position, and any club would be lucky to have him.

The real question is whether he could transfer his exquisite Serie A form to another league – such as our own Premier League. This is no shortage of English suitors that’s for sure, with the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City all having been linked to the Italian international.

A week ago, every supporter worth their salt wanted him. He was the flavour of the month and there were rows on Twitter and the like about which side had more chance of nabbing him in the summer transfer window. But in the last few days he seems have made his preference clear.

“I think that I could fit (in the Premier League),” he told reporters after Italy’s game with England. “It depends on who else is around me – I need players with the same characteristics that I have. There are English teams with this style of play, ball on the ground, quick transitions, high pressure. If one of those teams wanted me, I could fit and the other way round. My football way is not an usual one.”

Without coming out and shouting ‘LIVERPOOL FC!’ it’s very clear that he’s referring to Jurgen Klopp’s tactics there – and his preference is the polar opposite of what Mourinho’s Manchester United can offer. Since his statement, the view amongst the Old Trafford faithful has changed. Suddenly they didn’t want him anyway. ‘Too small, too lightweight, not suited to the Premier League’ is the new refrain.

Saving face or just being realistic? Time will tell…