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13th Nov 2015

American reporter hilariously mispronounces the phrase “herniated disc” (Video)

That's gotta hurt

Kevin Beirne

There are many hazards to being a reporter on live television without having to worry about tripping yourself up.

Not only have you got to watch out for mischievous players pulling pranks on you in the middle of a report, but there are all sorts of unpredictable natural distractions to deal with.

So NESN reporter Sarah Davis will surely be kicking herself for this one when reporting on a player’s return from injury during Thursday night’s game between the Boston Bruins and the Colorado Avalanche.

The reporter accidentally mixed up the parts of the body, saying the player was returning from a rather painful-sounding “herniated dick”.

While it’s not quite as bad as the time Sky Sports News reported that Charlie Austin has no ligaments in his “right dick” (implying the QPR striker has more than one), Davis will definitely wish she had this one back.