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15th Apr 2024

Airbnb owner finds tiny home on his land with man living inside

Nina McLaughlin

A property owner was left baffled after discovering someone living in a tiny home on his land

Nima Amini, who runs the Airbnb in east Austin, explained to KXAN about the debacle.

“When we look out of this window we see what appears to be a tiny home or storage unit,” he said.

“That was delivered and we didn’t order it.”

The Airbnb in question is the main property, and they were confused when the tiny home appeared.

However, one day they realised that someone was actually living in the shed after cameras clocked someone entering and exiting during the night.

Amini explained that when they managed to track where the home came from to a company called Lone Star Portables, but that the person who signed for the delivery of the home was not the property owner.

“I think a simple search on the Travis County Appraisal district search would have showed that he was not the property owner,” Amini told KXAN.

John Coleman, who owns Lone Star Portables, told the outlet: “The building went out as normal, he (the man who ordered the shed) told us he owned the property, we took the building over there, we set the building, then we left then I get a call from someone else.”

Coleman explained that he wanted to get to the bottom of things immediately, and were baffled as to how they managed to deliver to someone who did not own the land.

“It is not likely that someone comes and gives you a deposit on a building, it is not a small amount of money to deliver,” he said.

“We are going to change some internal things to make sure this does not happen again,” he added.

The occupant of the tiny home spoke anonymously to KXAN and explained that he has been struggling to keep a roof over his head after owning his own home a while ago.

“Nabil’s got your phone number and I am going to get it from him and we are going to try to get you some resources and some help,” Amini told the tiny home’s resident.

“I just want to get you the help you need my friend,” he said.

Lone Star Portables have said they have found a place for the tiny home and its owner to be allowed to live.

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