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09th Oct 2015

A Scottish fan is being blamed for Lewandowski’s equaliser…after taking a selfie

If only he were more selfie-less

Kevin Beirne

Scotland’s Euro 2016 dream is over, and already fans have begun looking for a scapegoat.

While most of us might look towards the defeat to Georgia as a prime reason why Scotland won’t be spending the summer in France, others have had a more creative idea.

They have decided to turn on a fan who ran onto the pitch to get a selfie with Polish frontman Robert Lewandowski during the match.

So why is it his fault that Scotland didn’t win?

Well, there ended up being four minutes of stoppage time at the end of the game. The three substitutions for each side can explain three of those minutes, but the only other real stoppage was during the selfie.

As you might be aware, the Bayern Munich striker eqaulised in the 94th minute, crushing any hope the Scots had of qualification.

But when you lose to Georgia, the players really only have themselfies to blame.