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09th Jun 2017

UKIP candidate mouths ‘terrorist sympathiser’ behind Corbyn’s back as he delivers speech

He wasn't happy after he registered just 413 votes

Paul Moore

A brazen insult to the Labour leader.

As expected, Jeremy Corbyn won his local constituency by a landslide as the Labour leader registered 40,086 votes, increasing his majority by 10,430 votes.

Mr Corbyn has held office in Islington North since 1983, but it appears that his Ukip counterpart, Keith Fraser, didn’t take the defeat too well. As you can see in the footage below, Fraser can clearly be seen mouthing “terrorist sympathiser” behind the Labour leader’s back as Corbyn gives his victory speech at the podium.

Throughout the campaign, Corbyn has frequently had to answer questions about his meetings with members of the IRA and Hamas – questions that he has succinctly and clearly answered.

Regarding the fate of Ukip, their leader, Paul Nuttall, has resigned following a disastrous election for his party.

Nuttall won just 3,308 votes in Boston and Skegness- more than 10,000 votes less than the party’s result in the 2015 General Election.

As for Fraser, he registered just 413 votes in Islington North. That’s only 307 more votes than Knigel Knapp, the candidate for the Monster Raving Loony Party.

We’re confident in saying that Jeremy Corbyn has more important things to deal with than reacting to the footage below.