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08th Nov 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn has dropped the biggest hint yet he may run for London Mayor

Jack Peat

It could seriously shake things up

Jeremy Corbyn has dropped the strongest hint yet that he is considering running for London mayor at the upcoming elections in 2024.

Sadiq Khan was given a boost in the polls this week after it was revealed he now has a whopping 25-point lead over his Tory rival Susan Hall.

The latest survey suggests Khan has seen a ten-point hike in his numbers, with his ULEZ policy actually boosting his position by attracting people who would have otherwise voted Green.

But it’s not all good news for Labour.

The poll showed 30 per cent of Londoners are satisfied with the way Khan has performed since becoming Mayor while 46 per cent are dissatisfied, giving a net approval rating of -16 per cent.

Asked whether his name could be on the ballot next year – potentially splitting the Labour vote – Corbyn admitted he has been thinking about it.

Speaking to PoliticsJOE, he said: “What I really want to see is a much more radical alternative to this government.

“We cannot go forward with the idea of accepting these levels of poverty, these levels of inequality, these levels of injustice in this country.

“We cannot go on demonising refugees and asylum seekers, restricting free speech and liberties and just assume that all is well.”

Watch the interview in full below:

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