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01st Apr 2015

Video: Amazing April Fool’s Day ‘double bluff’ sees woman win a $50,000 BMW

Who's laughing now? Not us...

Ben Kenyon

You’d have to be pretty gullible to listen to a newspaper advert offering a ‘free $50,000 car’ on April Fool’s Day.

Wouldn’t you?

But one ‘gullible’ New Zealander is laughing all the way to her brand new BMW. *sobs

The advert in the New Zealand Herald said anyone who took a copy of the newspaper and their old car to their local dealership would get a brand-spanking Beamer.


You’d have to be daft to actually do that on April 1, right?

It turns out most people thought it was a prank…except Tianna Marsh who has left us idiots for dust in her shiny new BMW 1 series.

We’ve all been had.

You should all probably take JOE’s ‘How Gullible Are You Quiz’ right now.

(H/T NZ Herald)