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10th Nov 2015

Someone has actually gone out and got a tattoo of Jeremy Corbyn (Pics)

Cor blimey!

Tom Victor

Many of us have got tattoos we’ve regretted, like this. Or this. Or especially this.

So when someone tweeted about their friend getting a tattoo of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on their back, we just shrugged and thought ‘yeah, it was bound to happen eventually’.

But that doesn’t make the tat itself any less remarkable, as you can see here.

We’re impressed by the detail above all else – if anything, the tattooist is wasted in his or her profession.

It’s certainly a much better likeness than the infamous Nigel Farage tattoo, which is also very much a thing.

We’re still awaiting the first tattoo of David Cameron, but someone may have come close.