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09th Dec 2022

Protesters glue themselves to railing during concert but make one major error

Steve Hopkins

The crowd erupted in cheers when the pair were simply walked off stage

Climate activists who staged a protest at a concert hall by gluing themselves to a rail, were left rather red-faced when they realised the rail was removable.

The protest did not last long.

The protesters took to the stage during a performance of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie concert hall on November 25 and glued themselves to the conductor’s railing.

The duo were booed by the crowd as they disrupted the performance.

But their protest was soon cut short, much to the amusement of the crowd, when a man clad in black, believed to be either from security or a stage hand, came along and simply lifted the railing free from the podium.

Video of the incident then shows the pair being walked off the stage into a back room, as the audience erupts in applause.

One of the protesters is understood to have shouted: “We are collectively suppressing the climate catastrophe and thus taking a life in security and peace away from our children! Just as there is only one Beethoven violin concerto, we only have this one planet whose boundaries we so disregard that climate related disasters are becoming more frequent and deadly”, LBC reported.

“There will be no more Elbphilharmonie to enjoy Beethoven when Hamburg is under water. The crisis is escalating right now, before our eyes!” They added.

The protest lasted only a few minutes in total.

The activists were later identified as Marlene Limburg and Stefgan Mueller, with a tweet from campaign group Letzte Generation saying: “Do we really want to deprive our children of their livelihood because it’s too easy to change something?

“Just as there is only one Beethoven violin concerto, we only have this one planet.”

Eco protests from groups like Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil have increased in recent months as they call for urgent change to protect the environment.

There have been several attacks on famous art works in galleries along with roadblocks and protests at dairy facilities.

Just Stop Oil has said it is considering slashing famous paintings as they threaten to step up their protests.

In recent weeks eco activists Just Stop Oil have thrown soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers painting and hurled a black, oily liquid at at famous Klimt painting in Vienna.

Last week, a Just Stop Oil protester was jailed for gluing himself to the frame of a Van Gogh painting in a London gallery.

A judge said the 18th-century frame had been “permanently damaged” by the stunt, LBC reported.

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