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18th Oct 2022

Person shoots fireworks at Just Stop Oil protesters on Dartford Crossing

Charlie Herbert

Person shoots fireworks at Just Stop Oil protestors

Police are investigating the incident

A person has decided to shoot fireworks at Just Stop Oil protesters who scaled the Dartford Crossing.

On Monday morning, two Just Stop Oil protesters sparked chaos in Essex and Kent after climbing up the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford crossing.

The two climbers scaled up two of the 84-metre-tall masts in the early hours of the morning, causing the entire bridge to be closed off.

Causing a traffic build-up during Monday morning rush hour, protesters intended for their actions to irritate oil tankers by blocking them from oil terminals in Purfleet-On-Thames, Essex.

One infuriated person clearly disagreed with the pair’s actions though and decided to take matters into their own hand – by shooting fireworks at the pair in the middle of the night.

Footage of the shocking incident was shared online and shows fireworks being thrown in the protesters’ direction, seemingly in a violent bid to encourage the protesters away from the bridge.

Officials believe the fireworks came from the Kent side of the bridge.

The protesters shared an update from their position at the top of the bridge on Tuesday morning though, showing that they had not been harmed by the dangerous act.

A Kent Police statement read: “Kent Police is aware of a video circulating online which appears to show fireworks being set off in Greenhithe near to the QEII bridge, Dartford.

“Officers are making enquiries to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the video and to identify any offences which may have been committed.”

After scaling the bridge on Monday, one of the protesters, civil engineer Morgan Trowland, 39, posted a video from the top, demanding that the government halts all new oil and gas licenses and consents.

He said they would remain on the bridge “until the Government makes a meaningful statement to cancel all new licences and consents for oil and gas extraction.”

The Dartford Crossing protest comes after Just Stop Oil activists formed three roadblocks between Knightsbridge and Brompton Road in London – some even gluing themselves to the tarmac in a bid to bring traffic to a halt.

Days later, more activists sparked international uproar when they threw soup over a priceless Van Gogh painting in the National Gallery.

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