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05th Jan 2023

Manchester accent voted the ‘sexiest’ in the UK

Jack Peat

It has also been ranked as one of the most intelligent 

The Manchester accent has emerged as the ‘sexiest’ in the UK in a new survey.

Birthplace of heart-throbs such as Tyson Fury, Andy Gibb and the Gallagher brothers, the city is renowned for its urban twang that often goes hand in hand with its familiar swagger.

And now it looks like its day in the sunshiiine has come after a new poll put them ahead of other regional dialects in the contest for the UK’s sexiest accent.

A survey of 2,500 people found over half of Brits (53 per cent) believe the Mancunian accent to be the fittest.

A similar number also deem it to be the most trustworthy, while it was also rated as more likely to make someone believe a person is more intelligent.

But the study seemingly didn’t account for the fact that there are regions within Manchester that can sound completely different.

In November, Sociolinguists at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) published the findings of a different three-year research project, investigating how people speak across the region. The study, called Manchester Voices, revealed residents from Levenshulme, Stretford and Moss Side are likely to sound ‘posh’.

It also discovered that the ‘Manc’ accent is usually found in the city centre and that residents of boroughs such as Bury, Bolton, Rochdale, and Oldham are more likely to have a ‘Lancashire’ accent.

Wiganers were found to have a distinctive dialect all of their own, while those living in South Manchester, Trafford and Stockport are also more likely to sound ‘posh’, the study found.

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