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22nd Feb 2024

Bottomless brunch with Guinness and pizza coming to UK cities

Ryan Price

Now this is a bottomless brunch we can get behind!

Manchester’s iconic late night pizza spot is going all in for St Patrick’s Day this year.

Crazy Pedro’s, which also has locations in Liverpool, is offering an afternoon packed with unlimited pizza slices and endless schooners of the black stuff (yeah it’s not pints but considering you can drink as much as you’d like we can let it slide), all for just £32.50.

The already famous fast-food spot, known for its slightly unusual but much-loved array of toppings, is looking to cement its status as a ‘northern icon’ by rolling out as much Guinness as you can handle over the course of 90 minutes, accompanied by the much-needed soakage of saucy slices.

If you live in either Manchester or Liverpool, you’ll know how much of a saving grace Crazy Pedro’s can be on a night out, with its 4am closing times and long list of cocktails.

The St Patrick’s Day Bottomless Brunch is only available to book at it’s Bridge Street store in Manchester and Parr Street outlet in Liverpool, so get on their website and make a reservation before there’s no room left.

The only question that remains is how much stout and slices can you inhale in an hour and a half?

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