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10th Apr 2024

New maps show where ’20C heatwave’ is set to hit UK this week

Ryan Price

The UK is set for another heatwave

The first rays of summer are on the horizon.

If you’re currently sat looking out a window at the rainfall thinking “we’re approaching mid-April and I’ve seen no sign of sun yet”, wonder no longer because the UK is getting hit with two mini-heatwaves this week.

We’ve had a rough seven days, as Storm Kathleen battered British coasts and downed flights thanks to her high winds and heavy rainfall.

Well, it’s looking like we’ll be getting rewarded for our tolerance very shortly, as NetWeather have forecast strong sunshine and warmer temperatures at two separate times over the coming weeks.

The first batch of summer vibes will come our way this weekend, specifically starting on Saturday 13th April.

Weather maps provided by WXCharts indicate that temperatures as high as 19C will treat London, Doncaster, Colchester and Ipswich. Expect to see loads of London friends on your Instagram page posting pictures of picnics and Pimms while sat atop Primrose Hill.

(Image: WXCharts)

While 19C isn’t exactly tops off weather, consider it’s the first time we’ll tether on the edge of the twenties this year we’ll allow everybody to get a little bit excited.

Those in Norwich, Cambridge, Nottingham, Hull, Bristol, Bolton, Inverness and Fraserburgh shouldn’t feel too disheartened, as you’ll be getting a very satisfactory highs of 18C to enjoy.

The remainder of the country won’t fare too badly either, with general temperatures nationwide expected to fluctuate between 11C and 17C throughout the weekend.

The second wave of good weather will arrive the following weekend, so you’ve got plenty of notice to plan any activities or barbecues you might have in mind.

Conditions won’t be quite as impressive as the previous weekend but the 19th, 20th and 21st will still have highs of 16C in places like Kent, London and Brighton.

Surrounding areas like Reading, Norwich and Northampton will also have some milder weather, with highs of 14C and 15C.

According to the Met Office five-day forecast, we can expect more rain before we get the sun.

The forecast for Thursday to Sunday reads: “Turning drier, albeit rather cloudy, in the south on Thursday and Friday, but remaining changeable in the north. Heavy showers, mainly in the north, on Saturday. Turning warmer.”

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