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04th Jan 2023

Passenger’s AirTag in lost luggage outs airline for not telling truth about where it actually is

Charlie Herbert

Airtag luggage

According to the AirTag, her ‘lost’ luggage went to McDonald’s and a shopping centre

A United Airlines passenger has claimed the airline ‘lied’ about where her lost luggage was, after she used the airtag in her bag to track down its actual location.

Valerie Szybala was sent on a wild goose chase after trying to locate her luggage, took to Twitter to reveal that it was “sitting in a residential apartment complex.”

This was whilst United Airlines continued to inform her that her bag was “at the delivery service.”

However, thanks to the Apple AirTag in her luggage, Valerie was able to locate her missing bag, which seemingly contradicted United’s claims.

In a lengthy Twitter thread which has been seen by almost 23m people at the time of writing, she updated people on her “back and forth” with the airline, and the bizarre movements of her bag.

According to the AirTag, the bag went to a McDonald’s one day and a shopping complex the next, returning to the same apartment block at the end of each day.

After three days of searching, Szybala says she received a text from the courier service.

The delivery person said they’d accidentally delivered her bag to the wrong person and that they would rectify the situation

She explained: “The dude who picked up was around the corner, so he drove back to meet me near the building.

“He looked a little surprised to have two news crews filming. He asked if he was in trouble or something, but at that moment I was too happy to have my bag back to ask more questions.

“I don’t know that this guy was telling the truth, I suspect he was not. Nothing I’ve been told by this guy or @United explains why my bag spent 3 days in an apartment complex garage, with occasional shopping excursions. I’d still like some answers.

“The two empty bags I had seen by the dumpster were gone today. The helpful building resident said they weren’t picked up by trash collection, she saw someone bring them back inside! Which adds to the sketchy factor for sure.”

Her story attracted the attention of a number of media outlets and news channels, including FOX5.

United Airlines have since provided a statement to Mashable, which read: “We are working with our baggage delivery vendor to understand the details of this situation.

“We’ve been in touch with this customer to discuss this situation and confirm she has received her luggage.

“The service our baggage delivery vendor provided does not meet our standards and we are investigating what happened to lead to this service failure.”

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