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13th Sep 2023

Couple and baby kicked off flight after passengers complain they ‘smell’


‘We don’t have odour, ok? Nobody here has odour’

A couple have spoken out after being kicked off a plane after being told they smelled bad.

Yossi Adler, his wife Jennie, and their 19-month-old daughter were preparing to fly back home to Detroit when they were escorted off their American Airlines flight at Miami International Airport.

Yossi told WPLG Local 10 News that the family were told they weren’t allowed back on the plane due to their “bad body odour”.

Passengers had reportedly complained that they smelled bad.

Yossi, a 36-year-old business consultant, is adamant that the family did not smell, and claims they were removed from the flight because they are Jewish.

He told WPLG Local 10 News: “All of a sudden, as soon as they took us off, they closed the gate and then they said, ‘Sorry sir, some people complained you had body odour and we’re not letting you back on’.”

Jennie told the outlet that the family was so confused and concerned they later stopped people in the airport and asked them if they smelled.

The family said after being removed from the plane, they were informed their luggage would be returned to them, but that didn’t happened. Instead, they claim, they were left with just the clothes they had on. Everything they needed to look after their child remained on the plane.

American Airlines confirmed to told Local 10 News why the Adlers were removed from the flight in January 2019: “Mr Adler and his wife were removed from the flight when several passengers complained about their body odour. They have been booked into a hotel for the night and given meal vouchers. They have been rebooked on a flight Thursday.”

In a video showing the family after they were removed from the flight, Yossi is heard saying: “There’s a religious reason for some reason that they’re kicking me off the plane.”

He adds: “We don’t have odour, ok? Nobody here has odour.”

The Adlers returned to Miami International Airport the following day and later told Local 10 News they had made it to Detriot.

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