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23rd Apr 2024

Airline introduces ‘adult-only’ zones on flights

Charlie Herbert

adult-only zone on flights

Walls and curtains will be used to ‘create a shielded environment’

has announced it will be launching adult-only areas on some of its flights later this year.

If you’ve never had the bad fortune of sitting next to a screaming child on a flight, you’ve surely at least experienced this on a train or bus. How much would you pay in that moment to move away from the child and have some peace and quiet.

Well, one airline has put a price on it.

Corendon Airlines will launch its ‘Only Adult’ area on flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curacao from November 3.

This will be an area at the front of the plane where children are banned, and will consist of 93 standard seats and nine ‘XL’ seats with extra leg room.

The plan doesn’t come without an additional charge though. To ensure your seat-buddies are over 16, will cost €45 (£38) for one flight, rising to €100 (£85) for the extra-large seats.

Children will be kept out of the area by “means of walls and curtains,” which will “create a shielded environment that contributes to a calm and relaxed flight.”

The Dutch carrier added: “This zone in the aircraft is intended for passengers travelling without children and for business travellers who want to work in a quiet environment. At the same time, the introduction of the Only Adult zone also has a positive effect for parents with children. They don’t have to worry as much about possible reactions from fellow passengers if their child is a bit busier or cries.”

Atilay Uslu, founder of Corendon, said: “On board our flights, we always strive to respond to the different needs of our customers. We are also the first Dutch airline to introduce the Only Adult zone, because we cater to travellers looking for some extra peace of mind during their flight. We also believe this can have a positive effect on parents travelling with small children. They can enjoy the flight without worrying if their children make more noise.”

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