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24th Oct 2023

‘I’m worried my top is too skimpy for a family BBQ after having a boob job’

Joseph Loftus

‘Could I wear this for my dad’s BBQ’

A woman has taken to TikTok to explain that she’s a little bit apprehensive to wear her skimpy outfit to a family barbeque after having a boob job.

Taylor Ryan, who’s from Exeter, goes by @lifeoftaylorsxc on TikTok, and has built up a massive following on social media.

The influencer, who naturally has an OnlyFans too, boasts a humungous 430,000 followers and recently went under the knife to enhance her chest.

Taking to social media a few days ago, Taylor wanted to see how her old wardrobe looked on her new body.

Filming at a farm, Taylor shared a video of herself wearing a lilac blouse along with a check skirt, and asked if it was appropriate for a family get together.

She began the video saying: “Welcome back to my series of ‘Are my clothes too s****y now I’ve had a boob job?'”

She continued: “I’m actually at a farm at the moment, I don’t know if you can tell with the pictures.

“I’m at a farm and the cows are looking at me, which is leading me to believe that this top might not be the one. Either that or they’re thinking, ‘How does she have such massive udders?'”

Then Taylor asked: “Do they pass the bounce test? I think they do, but could I wear this for my dad’s barbecue?”

Amazingly people took the content quite literally and gave genuine answers.

One wrote: “Yes that’s absolutely fine” while another said: “It’s really not that bad”.

A third said that it was “very tame”.

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