Woman 'realised husband was cheating' after clocking strange detail in photo he sent 7 months ago

Woman 'realised husband was cheating' after clocking strange detail in photo he sent

On closer inspection of the snaps, the wife soon clocked something that shouldn't have been there

A woman has explained how she realised her husband was cheating on her thanks to a subtle detail in some photos he sent her.


TikTok user @shesough told the story on the social media platform, describing how she noticed some "odd things" in the photos he sent her.

She wrote: "My husband sent me pics trying to look all cute in his suite at the casino, but I noticed some odd things, now he is single.

"Can you guess what it is?"


The woman shared the video on TikTok, but has since deleted her account (credit: TikTok)

She then shared the photos he sent, both of which were selfies he took in the mirror.

And sure enough, there is a very subtle but crucial clue in the pictures - the bathroom counter in front of him shows hair straighteners in the reflection.


In the picture there was a pair of hair straighteners next to the sink as well as a blue comb (credit: TikTok)

Of course, this isn't something that hotel usually provide, so they must belong to someone else who had packed them for the trip.

Caught red handed.


Some even noticed that the man didn't seem to be wearing a wedding ring in the snaps.

We're assuming those straighteners don't belong to him (credit: TikTok)

The video has notched up more than four million views and sparked more than 13,000 comments.

One person said: "Hair straightener looks pretty sus."



A third wrote: "Oooofff the straightener and the detangling comb."

"Men REALLY don't think," said someone else.

A different user added: "The straightener omgggg."

The TikToker shared a later TikTok explaining what happened after she confronted him over the straighteners.

She said: "So the very first thing I noticed when he sent me those two pictures was of course the straightener, it was just right there in plain sight.

"The second thing I noticed was the purse on the floor, it looked like a Coach bag or maybe a Michael Kors bag.

"And basically he has said that it wasn't his hotel room and it was a friend's room he was in, like another guy's room that has a girlfriend or something.

"But I'm not believing it because it's all too sketchy, why are you in somebody else's room taking photos?

"So if you're there and you see somebody who is 6 ft 5 with brown hair then let me know, I'm trying to see if he's lying."

The plot thickens...

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