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06th Jan 2022

Woman catches boyfriend having sex with his stepsister – sends video to his mum

Steve Hopkins

There’s some things a mum, has to know!

A scorned woman has gone viral for blasting a former boyfriend for cheating on her with his high school-age stepsister.

And she even shared video proof of the sickly hook-up with his mum.

Courtney Copenhagen told the New York Post how she was alerted to the infidelity by her ex’s stepsister, Ashley, who sent her a SnapChat video “of the two of them, both completely naked, and she was on top of him”.

“As soon as I saw the video I started crying, and my first thought was ‘What the f–k?,’ ” the 18-year-old said, adding that her former flame was getting hot and heavy with someone he had been related to for over eight-years.


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Copenhagen, a freshman at Michigan Technological University, detailed the incident in TikTok tell-all that has now been watched million of times.

“I never saw your stepsister as a threat,” she penned in the closed captions of her video — which is set to Ed Sheeran’s hit ‘Don’t’. “Until she sent me a video of you two having sex of course.”

The video took an even crazier turn when the biomedical engineering student went on to explain how she was out to lunch with her ex’s mother when she received the SnapChat.

It was her birthday, Copenhagen said, “and I wanted to celebrate it with her”.

In a follow-up TikTok Copenagen told how she shared with video of her ex – who she named as Mitchell – with his mother, because, “I was in shock and I didn’t know what to do.”


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She claims that her ex’s mother “was even more in shock” and left the restaurant.

“His mom just looked at me and said, ‘I need to leave,’ ” Copenhagen said, adding that she assumed “she went home to confront her kids about it”

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Before Copenhagen had a chance to confront Mitchell, she realised she’d been barred from contacting him via phone or social media.

She then shared her story on social media, the Post reported, as a means of coping with the situation.

“I wasn’t expecting to get so many views and likes. It’s kind of overwhelming,” she said.

“I’ve just always posted videos as a way to deal with the different things that happen in my life.”

On TikTok, Copenhagen also shared a screenshot of an angry message from Ashely, calling her out for publicising the incident.

“This is Ashley. What the actual f–k is wrong with you? You made a TikTok about my brother and I and you used his name?! Our friends and family members saw it and now we’re getting s—-ed on for it! You’re a piece of s–t like how f—ed up can you be? Karma is going to be a real b—h to you…,” the message read.