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23rd Oct 2023

Delivery driver returns customer’s £330 grocery order after they didn’t tip

Tipping culture is sparking a debate all over again

A new video has surfaced showing an alleged delivery driver engaging in a heated conversation with a couple over a tip.

According to the driver, the couple had ordered $400 (£330) worth of groceries but didn’t tip.

The driver says: “You should see how much work this was and why I should be getting a tip because of how much work this was.”

The delivery driver then explained why it is important to tip however it didn’t change the couple’s mind. One of them even said to her: “No, you don’t deserve a tip, you’re crushing the ramen noodles for one.”

At this moment, the driver became more irritated, before announcing she’s taking all their items back to the store.

The delivery driver put the items back into her car before saying: “They’re not for you anymore.”

She added: “I had to pack all of this in my car and bring it to you guys and unpack it. You didn’t pay me, you paid the delivery app.”

One member of the couple then argued that she was stealing their food and said that they would report her.

The delivery driver then said: “You guys can get your refund and another delivery driver can deal with you guys.”

As you can probably imagine the interaction has sparked a debate online as well with one person writing: “$400 and no tip? I’m with her” while another wrote: “I’m sorry but ordering all the stuff and not tipping is insane!”

On the flip side, one person wrote: “Tipping is optional! Idc if I paid $400! I’m glad they didn’t tip her because acting entitled for a tip is CRAZY!!!”

Another said: “As someone who does DoorDash on the side, you know what you’re getting paid beforehand so it’s on her for accepting it.”

Who’s side are you on?

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