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18th Apr 2023

Viewers are being left ‘disturbed for life’ by Netflix’s terrifying new horror movie

Callum Boyle

Truly terrifying

Horror films have a well-known reputation for being pretty grim (after all, it is a horror movie) but Netflix’s latest addition to the collection has left some viewers feeling disturbed.

Splice, which is directed by Vincenzo Natali and stars Adrien Brody, follows the story of Clive and Elsa (Sara Polley) – two scientists who attempt to experiment with DNA.

After finding some success with splicing animals genes, the pair were asked to terminate the project but instead choose to ignore the advice and continue to work on the project in secret.

The pair then go on to create a creepy female creature which the duo name as ‘Dren’ and adopt the creation as their child.

Their creature has a tail, a pair of wings, and hands that feature only three fingers. Terrifying.

Although the film itself is actually 14 years old, it’s recent addition to streaming platform Netlfix has introduced a whole new audience to it, but some have admitted that they are losing sleep after watching the creepy film.

One user tweeted: “Most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen, hands down.”

Another said: “If you have been traumatised by this film, please let me know. I’ve been suffering alone for YEARS.”

“Just watched Splice, I am disturbed for life,” wrote a third.

Those hoping to watch it in the UK and US will have to wait a little longer before it arrives onto your pages, with Splice only available to Netflix users in Canada at the time of writing.

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