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02nd Apr 2015

Video: Rolling Stones release previously unheard version of ‘Wild Horses’

Still sounding good over 40 years on

Still sounding good over 40 years on.

A remastered version of Sticky Fingers, the iconic album released by The Rolling Stones way back in 1971, goes on release next month and the band offered a glimpse of what’s in store this week.

As well as fresh and updated versions of tracks such as ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Moonlight Mile’, the new album will contain bonus tracks, such as a never-before-heard acoustic version of ‘Wild Horses’.

The band released the song through their YouTube channel earlier this week and also hinted that they’re considering playing the album in full on their upcoming North American tour.

Mick Jagger is wary that the amount of slow songs on the album might put fans at the live shows off, but hey, if it stops him from dancing, then we most definitely approve.