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03rd Nov 2023

Sadistic film so gory Hollywood refused to release it gets horrifying trailer

Nina McLaughlin

Spooky season may be over, but do not worry horror fans, because a brand new trailer has dropped for what is set to be the goriest film of recent years.

Although the flick is not set to come out until next year, the film has already got horror fans quaking at their knees after it was revealed that the opening scene is so brutal Hollywood execs refused to fund it.

Terrifier 3 follows the tale of Art the Clown, who gets his thrills from terrorising young women, and killing anyone who tries to stop him from doing so.

For those who can’t wait to feast their eyes on the gore, there is already 2 films in the saga, named aptly Terrifier and Terrifier 2. The first film left people totally shocked following a rather notorious scene featuring a hacksaw and a woman, and the second went even further with a scene that left viewers vomiting.

However, director of all 3 movies Damien Leone has claimed the third instalment is set to be the most stomach-churning yet, with the first 5 minutes of the film being so gory that it left the production without funding from Hollywood.

A brand new trailer for Terrifier 3 has been released in cinemas as a teaser before showings of the franchise’s second film.

The trailer begins in a little girl’s room in the middle of the night. She wakes up from her sleep, before getting up and tiptoeing downstairs into her living room, where Santa appears to be putting presents under their Christmas tree. However, as she approaches and calls out his name, the camera cuts to his face, revealing him to actually be Art in disguise.

The shot then sees him lift up an axe, and turn around laughing, before it cuts to the clown sat in an armchair dipping cookies in milk, with blood all around him.

Fans have responded to the new trailer and people are already scared for what’s in store.

“I’m SCARED that the scene we see will actually be the scene Damien Leone said would shock everyone in the first 5 minutes of the movie and that was the reason he rejected bigger studios to develop the movie… The little girl man, I’m SCARED,” one person wrote.

A second put: “I love the Terrifier movies so much but if they make me watch a little girl get brutally murdered by Santa Art imma be scarred for life.”

While a third said: “I liked the Terrifier movies even though it sometimes goes a little too far in some scenes but if this is what I think it is then boy I am NOT prepared for what’s about to happen to that little girl.”