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21st Nov 2016

Ryan Lawrie confirms the one suspicion everyone has about Honey G

Surely not

Mike Wright

In this post-truth world there are a few certainties we can all still cling to.

We won’t have a white Christmas, Wenger’s Arsenal will have a promising start, stumble and then scramble to make the top four, and Honey G is an authentic credible artistic.

They are all just givens. Especially the last one.

So when some haters claim that the X Factor star is just a painfully contrived persona, cynically created with the sole aim of earning as much cash as possible with minimal talent and effort – it’s clearly nonsense.

Well now is seems even this once universal certainty is starting to crack. As newly-ousted X Factor contestant Ryan Lawrie has mooted the disturbing possibility that Honey G may not be completely legit.

The Scot dropped the bombshell when he appeared on the This Morning couch to talk over his exit with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield this morning (funnily enough).

Things started routinely enough with Ryan, who’s survived being in the bottom two numerous times this series, saying he knew his number was up when he was pitted against Honey.

Ryan L

Presumably as she is such a gifted vocalist and genuinely moving performer.

Ryan said: “I felt like it (my performance) was a bit off. But I knew straight away, as soon as I knew I was in with Honey G, I knew I was going home. I knew straight away.

“I just feel like the whole entertaining, big production vibe, I feel like that’s what’s more wanted than me. So I feel the judges have been giving her standing ovations every single week. I felt like that I was going to be leaving”

When asked if he thought Honey G may be (whisper it) an act, Ryan responded: “I feel like [it’s] what Keith Lemon is, I feel like that kind of vibe, like a character that she portrays. But it feel like it is her in a sense.”

Then when Holly enquired if Ryan had ever seen Honey drop the act in the X Factor house, a bombshell was truly dropped.

This Morning

“Yeah the accent changed,” said Ryan. “It’s like sometimes she’ll be really posh then other times she’s like the street talk. So I don’t know, I think she’s really smart. She is really smart, she knows what she’s doing and it’s working, it’s working really well. She’s still there, in quarter final now.”

We know for anyone who’s watched even a few moments of Honey G perform none of this scans.

Surely just the malicious aspersions of an embittered rival.

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