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04th May 2015

Pic: Margot Robbie and Will Smith look unrecognisable in new Suicide Squad poster

Think terrifying Alice in Wonderland...


Cinema has got a lot to thank Martin Scorsese for, but inarguably his most recent success has been mentoring Margot Robbie.

This time out, Leonardo DiCaprio’s squeeze in The Wolf of Wall Street is all glammed up as comic heroine Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, revealed in a picture tweeted by director David Ayer on Sunday.

So what do we know about Harley Quinn? She’s the Joker’s sidekick/girlfriend/submissive, depending on which comics you read. Essentially, she gets turned on by power-obsessed maniacs…so actually not that much of a stretch for Margot after her last big role.

It isn’t just Margot that’s getting us excited about Suicide Squad. Jared Leto’s joker looks pleasingly unhinged – and also different enough from Heath Ledger’s incarnation that it won’t seem too try-hard – while Will Smith as Deadshot looks like an ex-marine who’s gotten really into Laser Quest:

Suicide Squad is set to land in August 2016.