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09th Oct 2016

Phil Mitchell sang Sia on the radio because 2016 is weird and amazing at the same time

Introducing "Cheap Phils"

Carl Anka

Remember that weird sensation you got as a child when you saw your teacher out of school?

You know, that sense of low level fear? Mixed in with a bit of shock and confusion as your brain goes “oh yeah, they must have a life separate from what they do for a living”.

Every now and again we get that feeling whenever we spot an Eastenders actor doing something outside the show.

Here, look at this selfie with Ian Beale and Jesse Pinkman and tell us it doesn’t make you all confused.

Or this photo of Ricky Butcher at a party with Chris Brown? How does this happen? (Sid Owen happens to be really good friends with Adele. Apparently.)

Which brings us to this, the latest baffling Eastenders side hustle. This past weekend saw Phil Mitchell himself, Steve McFadden, do a wonderful cover Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ for Capital Birmingham FM.

Or as Capital would call it… “Cheap Phills”.

You feeling that weird “seeing your teacher outside of school sensation” again?

Here, let us remedy that by reminding you of the time Phil Mitchell hung out with Trey Songz at a nightclub event.

Yeah, we dunno either.

Stay delightful Phil. Lay off the alcohol though. We worry about you.